Dog Wellness Coaching

Dog Nutrition Counseling and Customized Dog Food.

Dog nutrition counseling is important for all dogs but never more so than dogs with health problems.  Right now, our dog nutrition counseling and coaching services are on hold so we have partnered with Top Dog Dinners whose nutritionist, Professor Jan Barteczko, custom designs their dog food formulas.

What Makes Top Dog Dinner’s Different?

Top Dog Dinners is cool and amazing because they create custom dog food for each of their customers.  When you visit their website, you will create a profile for your dog that includes your dog’s breed, weight, life stage, lifestyle, activity level, known allergies, and health challenges.

WolfBear with his customized dog food from his dog nutritionist
WolfBear with his customized dog food from his dog nutritionist

If your dog is:

  • allergic to beef – no problem.
  • suffering from kidney disease – they can help.
  • getting pudgy – they will create a food to help drop those pounds.
  • diabetic – they will design and low glycemic food to keep blood sugar levels balanced.
  • a flat out picky eater – no worries, they can help with that too (can you say bacon?!).

Whatever your dog’s health challenges, their dog nutritionist has created a dog food formula to help keep your pet healthy and happy.  They are fantastic about communicating with you about your dog’s nutritional requirements and bordering on fanatical about providing fresh, healthy dog food for your pet.

It’s dog nutritional counseling and healthy dog food at its finest!

What Makes Their Food Special?

  • Fresh, then frozen, never processed.
  • Contains raw and gently cooked ingredients.
  • All natural, certified organic.
  • Contains all the important nutrients and enzymes dog’s need.
  • Contains the correct balance of muscle meat, protein, organ, and bone that your pet carnivore requires for optimum health.
  • Free from ALL preservatives, chemicals, colors, corn and wheat.
  • Contains zero by products, meat meals, fillers, additives, or water.
  • Customized for each dog’s health needs and nutritional profile.
  • Each monthly supply is delivered frozen so you never have to shop for dog food again.
  • Each day is individually packaged for ease of use and to maintain freshness.
  • Made in New York with ingredients sourced in the United States.
  • Never the subject of a recall.

The Story Behind the Face of Top Dog Dinners.

Bruno the dog behind Top Dog Dinners dog nutrition couseling
Bruno, the dog behind the crusade

Our friend and dog food mentor, Peter Pfisterer, is the man behind Top Dog Dinners.  You will never meet a man as passionate about natural, healthy dog food as he is.  And, his crusade is personal.

“On February 25th 2007 I killed Bruno, my boxer, the best friend I’ve ever had, by feeding him commercial, canned dog food, prepared from the poisoned components imported by “Menu Foods.”

Because of New York State law, the makers of the food could not be brought to justice, so I decided to punish them by making the best, natural dog food and setting the standard so high, that no commercial dog food manufacturer can ever measure up to these standards. Real, customized dog food is not only my business…it’s my PERSONAL CRUSADE.

I care about dog food; they care about profits.  Each dog eating my natural, healthy, fresh food, is one LESS dog, risking its life by being fed commercial food, which has been sitting on the store shelves for months and years at a time.”

Top Dog Dinners fresh, customized dog food is the legacy of much loved, Bruno.

Our WolfBear is a customer of Top Dog Dinners and has benefited from their dog nutrition counseling via nutritional profile that created a special formula to help control his allergies and boost his immune system.  If you order food, please let use know so we can provide you with the feeding and storage tips that we’ve learned along the way.